Women are more at risk of getting heart disease than men – Doctor

A medical practitioner, Dr. Hannah-Lisa Tetteh, has stated that women are more prone to various heart conditions than men due to female anatomy.

She explained that special conditions associated with women such as menopause and pregnancy play certain roles in heart disease.

“During menopause, the level of estrogen in women goes down, which makes them vulnerable to heart disease. These are specific things you don’t see in men, because they don’t experience menopause,” she said.

According to her, the symptoms of heart disease are generally the same in both genders, however, some heart diseases are common in women.

“…generally, certain heart conditions are specific or common in women and these are related to the small blood vessels that supply blood to the heart,” she added.

Interview with Emefa Adeti and Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning on Wednesday the 16thand February 2022, said Dr. Tetteh, pregnancy is a root cause of gestational diabetes.

This condition raises blood sugar levels, and since high blood sugar leads to high blood pressure, it causes heart disease if it persists.

“…most women develop many diseases during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes. In such situations, the woman returns to normal or not depending on the treatment given, if this persists, the woman is at risk of getting heart disease,” she added.

Race 4 Heart is an annual health walk culminating in an aerobics session organized by Joy Prime TV for customers to exercise, burn calories and stay healthy during the Valentine’s Day season.

As part of educating people on the importance of keeping hearts healthy ahead of the Saturday 19 programand In February 2022, the health practitioner advised people to adopt various healthy lifestyles such as: exercising regularly, eating right to lower cholesterol, checking body weight to avoid obesity, among others for the general well-being of the heart.

She further stated that women need to be concerned about their heart problems as statistics show that heart disease causes one in four deaths among women globally.