Woman with rare combination of heart conditions recovers | Nagpur News

Nagpur: A 52-year-old woman with eisenmenger syndrome suffered from heart blockage in a rare combination with the existing condition. Having an 11-year-old adopted daughter, a team of doctors from Wockhardt Hospitals made sure to save the mother by performing a rare operation.
Interventional cardiologist Dr Nitin Tiwari said she had swelling in her abdomen and feet alongside persistent shortness of breath when he saw her.
“Pressure in the right side of the heart increases in Eisenmenger syndrome. This usually occurs in patients with undiagnosed heart holes since birth. Due to extra blood flowing from the left side to the right side, a child’s growth is stunted. Heart failure or frequent upper respiratory infections are an indicator,” he said.
Dr Tiwari added that if left untreated, the extra blood goes to the lungs and becomes fibros. “The pressure on the right side is increasing. This leads to mixing of the blood. Saturation also drops because blue (deoxygenated) blood mixes with red blood. The patient also appears blue. Lips, nails, skin turn blue,” he said.
This patient also had a blockage in one of the valves. The right side of the ear (inflow) was muffled.
Dr. Tiwari claimed that his combination is very rare and has not been reported so far. “Any patient with Eisenmenger’s syndrome is inoperable,” he said.
“We inflated it to open the valve. The patient’s condition has improved, she is less breathless and the swelling has gone down,” he said.