Where is Jeremy Kyle now? Anxiety diagnosis, return to radio and damning Channel 4 documentary

On Sunday night, viewers will get their first look at a damning new two-part documentary about The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The long-running ITV program was cut short in 2019 following the suicide of guest Steve Dymond, who was troubled after a lie detector caught on the show strongly suggested he had cheated on his fiancée.

Steve died aged 63 of a morphine overdose and a heart problem at his home in Portsmouth, Hampshire, just seven days after appearing on the show.

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While it had always proven to be outrageous viewing, particularly given its morning slot on the ITV programme, Steve’s death was the show’s darkest moment and led to its demise after 14 years on screen.

The Jeremy Kyle Show replaced Trisha as the channel’s daytime dilemma series, with Jeremy even traveling to America to host two series there in 2011.

Channel 4’s Jeremy Kyle: Death On Daytime with a look at the surrounding scandal and the events leading up to Dymond’s death

What happened to Jeremy Kyle?

TV presenter Jeremy Kyle

Before launching his own ITV show, Jeremy Kyle had worked on a number of major radio stations in the UK, including Century and Classic FM.

And, after The Jeremy Kyle Show took off, Jeremy hosted a string of other ITV shows, including The Kyle Files, Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room and even Good Morning Britain, where he was a guest presenter on several occasions between 2016 and 2018 .

Following the cancellation of The Jeremy Kyle Show, Jeremy, now 56, began work on a new program for ITV, but it has yet to air.

Jeremy has since revealed he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder following the cancellation of his show.

He told The Sun newspaper “I used to think ‘take charge’ when certain celebrities would talk about these kinds of issues.

“But suddenly I realized firsthand that you can’t always do that. I never thought they would affect me the way they did.

Photo of Jeremy Kyle, taken at the Cheltenham Festival in 2015
A doctor has diagnosed Jeremy Kyle with an anxiety disorder after the former Jeremy Kyle Show presenter felt unable to leave the house following the cancellation of the ITV series

“It was a shock – but I always said, ‘If you have a problem, admit it, then seek appropriate help.’ So that’s what I did.”

He added: “Critics will say I’ve tasted my own medicine, but I’d been through quite a bit up to this point – and I guess it all caught up with me in one fell swoop.”

Jeremy came back into the limelight last year, but not on TV but on the airwaves, launching a new Drivetime show on talkRADIO.

Months before The Jeremy Kyle Show was scrapped, Jeremy was named patron of the North East charity, the Graham Wylie Foundation, after a long time supporting the cause.

And, months after his series was cancelled, Jeremy was spotted alongside founder Graham at Close House in Northumberland, a location he had visited numerous times to take part in celebrity golf tournaments.

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