What measures has the Modi government taken to prevent heart disease

The DMK MP inquired about the central government’s efforts to prevent heart disorders, including heart attacks, which can lead to premature death. Yesterday Tamilachchi Thangapandian raised the issue in the Lok Sabha. The federal government responded by stating that early detection of heart disease is carried out in primary health centers, community health centers and district hospitals. In response to Tamilachchi Thangapandian’s question, Tamilachchi Thangapandian said, “In 2016, there were many premature deaths in Tamil Nadu due to ischemic heart disease.” What preventive measures has the federal government taken?

Heart diseases are tested early in primary health centers, community health centers and district hospitals,” Bharathi Pravin Pawar, Union State Minister for Health, said in response to the Lok Sabha. ANC is a program for mothers. The so-called test is a requirement. This test can detect ischemic heart disease in its early stages. In addition, private doctors have a role to play. Clinics are also used to diagnose and treat NTC patients.

The medical term for heart disease caused by narrowing of the arteries is ischemic heart disease. The amount of blood and oxygen reaching the heart decreases when the heart’s arteries constrict. This can lead to various heart problems including heart attack. In recent years, the number of teenagers having suffered a heart attack has increased. This is a difficult task for the medical community. Kannada actor Punith Rajkumar died of a heart attack while jogging. There have been many accounts of a young man having a heart attack at the age of 30 and dying at the age of 25. Ischemic heart disease is a risk for DMK MP. This question has been raised.