Volpara Health partners with Microsoft to fight heart disease in women

Accelerate research and development of software that uses mammograms to identify potential cardiovascular issues

New Zealand-based Volpara Health Technologies has announced a new research and development collaboration with Microsoft to accelerate the creation of a product that detects and quantifies mammary arterial calcifications (BACs).

The product will build on Volpara’s approach to quantitative and objective breast density scoring using artificial intelligence (AI). Capitalizing on Volpara’s recent BAC patent, the product will create a tissue composition map that identifies and quantifies BACs from a mammogram, helping radiologists identify the need for action to prevent heart disease.

Microsoft machine learning and AI specialists will help improve Volpara’s BAC model and data processing, while Microsoft engineers will collaborate with the Volpara team on technical development and operationalization of the product .

The BACs product, as a cardiac decision support tool for radiologists, would mark Volpara’s entry into a new area of ​​healthcare, part of a $146.4 billion cardiovascular disease market. With access to over 35% of the US breast cancer screening market, Volpara has the install base to facilitate product deployment and adoption, creating a new revenue stream. For women, the BACs product would add a new dimension to their regular breast screenings, providing important insight into their cardiovascular health. Any significant BAC findings could be transmitted through the Volpara Breast Health Platform directly to the healthcare provider or through Volpara’s partner network.