Up to 80% of heart disease can be prevented by adopting good habits

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Spain: according to the National Institute of Statistics, kills 120,000 people a year, a figure that falls short of COVID in its worst year (2020). Even then, preventable in 80% of cases Follow healthy lifestyle habits. This has been endorsed by the Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC) and the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC), which focus World Heart Day on key cardiovascular risk factors. they do it through “Compromise for Your Heart” campaign, Each of the “pacts” corresponds to an issue to be monitored first: blood pressure (P), diet (A), cholesterol and pollution (C), smoking (T), obesity (O), physical inactivity and emotional health. (s).

“Between all of us, we can reduce the impact of these diseases in our country,” said Dr. Andrés iguez Romo, President of the FEC and Director of the Cardiology Area of ​​the University Hospital Complex of Vigo (CHUVI). Presentation of this campaign. VSControl risk factors and give them the importance they deserve,

What is the worst habit for the heart that we should eliminate first? high blood pressure? smoking? bad nutrition ? sedentary lifestyle? “Not of which we can say that removing it eliminates 80% of the risk – answers Andrés iguez FARO. They all contribute, and when several come together, the risk increases with one is not a sum, but a multiplier, a logarithm”.

Cardiologists emphasize that it’s not just about taking preventive measures to control high blood pressure, cholesterol or sugar when their levels put you at risk of developing diabetes. “What we should do – he underlines – is to start with heart-healthy habits from childhood: with a healthy diet, not loaded with saturated fats, and without the excessive calorie intake that leads to obesity, which leads to obesity.” already a problem among teenagers.

Smoking is on the rise, especially among teenagers

In this sense, CHUVI . head of the cardiology department advocates the promotion of exercise from an early age and thus combats a sedentary lifestyle“It is a habit that has begun to develop in our population of children and adolescents through television, computer and mobile screens”, recalls hospital doctor lvaro Cunqueiro.

It also affects tobacco and warns that the consumption of this toxic substance is increasing. “Although it has been reduced, it is unfortunately increasing, especially among adolescents,” he warns.

In essence, the “compromise for your heart” campaign, is the essence of Andrés iguez, aiming to “Promotes health, which prevents the occurrence of these risk factorsWhen they appear, they cause silent damage to the body for many years, and when you realize it, the damage is difficult to repair”, concludes the expert.

“In Galicia we must pay attention to the issue of salt consumption, which is not small”

Andres iguez Romo – President of the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC)

Why is emotional health a risk factor? Are upheavals really breaking our hearts?

You need to stay positive and avoid stressful situations that cause the sympathetic system to activate, leading to acute episodes of heart disease. It is widely described that certain psycho-emotional conditions play a very negative role in cardiovascular diseases. This has been one of the messages from the World Health Organization this year, and has been taken up by the Spanish Heart Foundation. You can talk more with your friends and family and enjoy what you are doing.

-What unfinished business do we Galicians have in terms of heart-guarding habits?

In Galicia we must pay attention to the problem of salt consumption, which is not negligible in our community. In fact, the rates of heart failure and high blood pressure are not the best for us. We should try to eat healthy, exercise more and avoid salt in food. It would be great for us.

“You need to talk more with your friends and family”


– Is it well known that the possible consequences of a COVID infection can be on the heart?

Yes, it is known to cause myocarditis, inflammation of the myocardium in some cases. In other cases, it has caused arrhythmias, such as atrial fibrillation, or the occurrence of thrombosis in arteries or veins. These are events that occur not only in COVID, but also in other pathologies.

-to clean.

But I would like to give a message of peace, because these effects are very rare. For me, it is above all important to raise awareness of the negative effects of heart disease. In 2020, in the worst phase of COVID, Spain had almost 80,000 people killed by the coronavirus. But 120,000 died of heart disease in the same year. COVID has affected us for two years or more, but imagine if we had a situation like COVID every year. This is what we experience every year with heart disease: 120,000 people die every year and not the slightest amount of resources go into treating, diagnosing and preventing COVID. We should think about it.