Two-year-old dies less than a year after brain tumor diagnosis

Heartbroken parents in Oxfordshire who lost their two-year-old son to an aggressive brain tumor weeks before Christmas share their stories.

Toddler Albie Bayliss-Watts was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor in December last year after his parents rushed him to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford because he was ‘violently ill’.

Albie passed away on November 28 of this year with her moms Lauren and Hayley Bayliss-Watts by her side, singing her favorite songs and holding her little hands.

They both work with Brain Tumor Research to help raise awareness of the devastating diagnosis.

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Albie with George the Dinosaur

Lauren is in charge of supporting the Wallingford-based Style Acre charity and said: “Hayley and I are overwhelmed with grief and cannot stand the idea of ​​Christmas without our beautiful, funny and brave baby boy. Focusing our attention on awareness raising and fundraising gives us reassurance in these extremely difficult times. ”

She explained that Albie had a sudden epileptic seizure in October 2020.

Initially, doctors thought it could be a type of epilepsy, but in December an MRI revealed a tennis ball-sized lump on Albie’s brain, he was transported to. emergency surgery.

About 99% of the tumor was removed after ten-hour surgery on 18-month-old Albie.

Mum Hayley, who is a pub manager at the Royal Oak in Didcot, said: “It was awful; we walked the halls all day waiting for news and when, finally, the surgeon came to tell us that everything had gone as planned, we were delighted.

Oxford Mail:

When doctors examined the tumor, Albie’s parents learned the horrific news that it was so rare that it could not be identified, that it was also very aggressive.

Over the next several months, he underwent grueling surgery and chemotherapy to try and control the disease.

During this time, the family made fond memories and Albie saw her mothers get married last month.

But on their honeymoon in Dorset he became so ill he had to go to the hospital.

Albie was found to have bleeding from a new tumor in her cerebellum, at the back and bottom of her brain.

This time it was inoperable and no other treatment was available.

On November 22 he was taken to the Helen & Douglas House Hospice in Oxford, he died six days later.

Mel Tiley, who works for Brain Tumor Research, said: “Albie’s story is truly heartbreaking and highlights the dire lack of treatment options for this terrible disease.

“We send [the family] our deepest condolences and let’s think of them and everyone who knew and loved Albie this Christmas. ”

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