The puppy’s heart defects won’t stop him from exploring the world from the owner’s backpack

When Huey’s first owners abandoned him due to heart problems, Rissa Royce took him in and promised to give him an exciting and fulfilling life.

The one-year-old bully mix can’t exercise due to a plethora of health issues, so explore the world from its owner’s backpack to avoid missing out on adventures.

Rissa saved Huey when his former owners abandoned him because he was not fit to be a breeding dog, TeamDogs reports.

Huey suffers from a heart murmur, along with a diagnosis of other heart defects, which means he can’t always do what regular dogs do.

Rissa, who lives in Florida, said: “He was turned over to the vet clinic where I work for urethral prolapse and heart murmur.

“So he came home with me that night and hasn’t left since.”

People always ask to take pictures of Huey in his backpack

The puppy has quite a few heart deformities, like his sister Penelope who recently and unexpectedly passed away from her own heart disease.

This is why Rissa feels the urgent need for Huey to explore the world while he can.

“I am very protective of Huey. After Penelope passed away, I made a little promise to Huey that he will live the best life I can offer him. They are the best doctors, the best family environment and the best trips, ”said Rissa

While not able to exercise and explore like other dogs would, Huey’s first travel experience in Georgia and the Little Grand Canyons was a success.


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“He was a car driver and an amazing guest at the Airbnb where we stayed,” said Rissa.

“My dog ​​Oakley has been my travel companion for years and now little Huey is joining me. I like to travel with them because it changes the stereotypes of the Bully and Pitbull breeds.

“They have such a negative stigma of aggressiveness and unpredictability. So when people see Huey wearing a hat in a backpack, I feel like it makes the breed a bit lighter, more fun, and more accessible.

“There were a lot of people who asked to take pictures of Huey in the bag, pet him and know his story. He is full of life and enjoys cuddling and apparently traveling as well.

“He’s been in two states now, but the plan is to continue traveling with him across the country to allow him to experience the world. Colorado is the dream destination.

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Rissa has a family of Bully dogs – a total of seven dogs that were all abandoned animals that previous owners did not want.

“I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Unfortunately where I am in America there is a huge influx of breeding involving Bully breeds, it’s just breeding to make a quick buck, ”added Rissa.

“These poor puppies are not treated like dogs, they are treated like machines in a factory. I am eternally grateful that Huey was not subjected to this, but my heart is still heavy for the dogs who have fallen victim to the breeding industry.

“Finally, I would like to take a few weeks off and travel the country on different scenic trips and hikes with Huey and the other puppies. This is the life they should be living.

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