The Gerald Asamoah Foundation takes action to support children with heart defects

Gerald (third from left) at an event to announce support for his foundation

Former Ghanaian-born Germany international Gerald Asamoah has embarked on a project to provide adequate healthcare to children with congenital heart conditions.

The Gerald Asamoah Foundation for Children with Heart Disease, in partnership with German nonprofit Kinderherzen, visited the National Cardiothoracic Center in Ghana to engage stakeholders on how they could significantly improve treatment children with congenital heart disease.

Dr. Lawrence Agyeman Serebour, director of the National Cardiothoracic Center, said such collaborations in the medical field were very important in improving treatment options for heart disease.

“Such collaborations are essential when it comes to the ongoing education of our staff, the exchange of ideas, assisting patients during surgery and building capacity.

“So it is to our advantage to have such collaborations with these medical personnel who come from some of the best hospitals in Germany, and we are looking to collaborate with them to make their project here a success,” he said. told the Ghana News Agency.

Gerald Asamoah, who is currently the Team Manager of Schalke 04, was delighted to start the project as he seeks to give back to his homeland.

“The reason why I started this project is that I also have a heart defect, so I decided to create this foundation in 2007.

“My ultimate goal was to come back to Ghana and give back to my homeland. So I came to Ghana with top pediatricians to see how we could help children who cannot afford various surgeries and build staff capacity medical here in Ghana,” he said.

Anja Schlarb, manager of the kinderherzen mobile clinic, said the clinic decided to partner with the Asamoah Foundation to help provide adequate health care for children with congenital heart disease.

“We are doctors who travel around the world to provide specialist care for children abroad. We have been to Eritrea, El Salvador and Romania, and we have decided to come to Ghana and support the country of originally from Asamoah because he always wanted to give back to Ghana.

“We are here on an exploratory tour to uncover the challenges children face in obtaining needed health care, and we will find the best ways to help vulnerable children successfully undertake surgeries,” he said. she declared.