Teenager undergoes rare heart surgery at Kolkata hospital


A 15-year-old girl with “rare” heart disease underwent eight-hour surgery at a city hospital last month and is now recovering, doctors said.

A leaky pipe that supplies blood from the heart to the body and the root of the pipe have been replaced with a synthetic graft.

The patient suffered from what doctors call an aortic dissection, a condition characterized by a fissure in the aorta, the large artery that carries blood from the heart to the body.

“The girl was suffering from shortness of breath and palpitations. She was tall and thin with unusually longer limbs and hyper flexible joints and had nearsightedness, ”said Debashree Gangopadhyay, a pediatric cardiologist at the RN Tagore International Cardiac Sciences Institute, who performed tests on the girl before. refer it to a cardiac surgeon. to the hospital.

Clinical symptoms suggested the girl suffered from Marfan syndrome, a genetic condition affecting the connective tissues that support and anchor organs.

“Aortic dissection is a manifestation of Marfan syndrome,” said Atanu Saha, a senior consultant cardiac surgeon at the hospital who led a team that operated on the girl.

Purba Medinipur’s daughter went under the knife on September 15. “It was an eight hour operation. We replaced his aorta and aortic valve with a composite valve conduit, ”Saha said.

The girl was released a week later. “If left untreated, aortic dissection can be life threatening,” Saha said.

Gangopadhyay said tall, thin teens who tire too easily and have nearsightedness and unusually longer limbs should see a cardiologist promptly.


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