Teenager “died twice” in heart surgery fights for his life in hospital


A teenager is fighting for his life after “dying twice” in an operation that took up to 7 hours to replace a faulty heart valve.

Brooklyn Peakman, 19, is on life support at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham after heart surgery “did not go as planned.”

Brooklyn, from Prestatyn in Wales, was born with a defective heart and had to undergo major heart surgery when he was just 12 hours old, and again at the age of one day old, North Wales Live reports.

His mother Kelly was warned at the time that he might not survive, but luckily he did, although the family had always been aware that he would need surgery as he got older.

After a six-month checkup earlier this year, Brooklyn learned he needed surgery to install a mechanical valve as soon as possible.

The avid footballer has spent the past two months in hospital awaiting the operation.

Five times he was taken for surgery, but each time it was canceled at the last minute due to another person’s urgent need for an intensive care bed.

Brooklyn Peakman, who lives in Prestatyn, was born with a defective heart valve

Family friend Hayley Roberts said it had been a very difficult time for the teenager mentally, and said he told his mother he was “afraid” he would not survive the operation. .

He has a teddy bear with him that he was given as a newborn baby when he had his first operation for good luck.

The operation took place on Tuesday, but the operation that was supposed to take 12 hours turned into 7 hours, as medics told devastated Kelly that Brooklyn’s heart was much more damaged than it had been. foreseen.

Kelly immediately went to Birmingham to be with her son and was “obviously very worried,” said Hayley.

Brooklyn like a baby
Brooklyn like a baby

“She called me in tears at 4:30 am yesterday saying the operation had not gone well and the medics had lost Brooklyn twice and needed to resuscitate him.”

Hayley added: “I was made aware this morning and Kelly told me he was in stable condition and coughed up blood which believe it or not is a good sign. because it shows brain activity. “

Hayley has put together a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the family. He has already raised £ 1,470 in 24 hours.

Brooklyn has a teddy bear in intensive care with him to bring him luck
Brooklyn has a teddy bear in intensive care with him to bring him luck

“I set it up because Kirsty really doesn’t have a lot of money, she works as a cleaning lady in the Spire Abergele consulting rooms in Abergele and does some karaoke in Prestatyn”, Hayley

“She really doesn’t want to sound like she’s asking for money, but no one should have to worry about paying bills when their son is so in pain.”

Hayley added: “Brooklyn is a really lovely boy, and although he never looked sick his mother said he always hid his illness because he didn’t want to be seen any differently from his friends.

“Kelly has a heart of gold and no family should have to go through this, especially right before Christmas.

“We thought he would have surgery and be home for Christmas Eve.”

Visit here to donate to the fundraising page.

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