Team Trace fights against congenital heart disease, a gala will be held on Saturday

EASTON, Maryland – “Team Trace,” an organization dedicated to the fight against congenital heart disease, is gearing up for one of its biggest fundraisers, the Heart to Heart Gala.

President Daryl Knight tells 47 ABC that they started their organization 10 years ago after their son died of illness. Now they’re on a mission to raise money for research at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C.

We are told that they have already given over $400,000 over 10 years. Knight says the research team is focused on developing a pacemaker that can be implanted without requiring open-heart surgery. On Saturday, their 10th annual Heart to Heart Gala will help continue that mission. “And if we’re dreaming big, the east coast is sort of our goal to conquer in the next 10 years,” Knight says. He adds, “But the event is also a time to celebrate and have fun about how we fight back and help these little guys and girls fight back and have better lives and better results.”

Knight also tells us that they have been working to place AED defibrillators on children’s sports fields in Talbot County and hope to add more on the East Coast.

For more information about their organization or how you can donate, just click here.

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