Successful surgery for Chris Cairns after cancer diagnosis

Former Canterbury and Black Caps all-around player Chris Cairns has successfully undergone surgery after being diagnosed with bowel cancer months after suffering a life-threatening heart attack.

Cairns posted an update on their Instagram account: “Thank you for all the messages and well wishes, much appreciated. The surgery was a success and I’m out of intensive care and feeling great. Great team of surgeons, doctors and nurses here taking care of me. I’m going to rest here for a little while while I recover. #backsoon #notdoeyet #bowelcancer #aorticdissection #spinalstroke”

The Cairns heart attack last year resulted in an aortic dissection or tear in the inner layer of the body’s main artery and the 51-year-old had to undergo emergency surgery at the time.

However, during the rescue operation, Cairns suffered a spinal stroke, resulting in paralysis of both legs.

Cairns was recovering at a special rehabilitation center at the University of Canberra in Australia and shared her recovery journey through her social media.

Last month Cairns revealed he had suffered another blow to his health, battling bowel cancer after a routine check-up.

“I was told yesterday that I had bowel cancer…big shock and not what I expected,” Cairns said at the time.

“So as I prepare for another round of conversations with surgeons and specialists, I keep reminding myself of how lucky I am to be here in the first place…and how lucky I am to to have everything I do in my life.

“This week wasn’t too bad either, I managed to play sports for the kids and celebrate Noah’s birthday at home.

“Another fight to come, but hopefully this one will be a quick and finished top cut in the first round.”