Successful Open Heart Surgery Performed On Farmer

Doctors at a hospital Kalyan successfully performed open heart surgery on Dinkar Patil (56) with a heart attack due to Triple Vascular Disease (TVD) which led to blockage of blood vessels.

The patient was rushed to the hospital with complaints like chest pain, palpitations and chest heaviness. After the surgery, the patient was discharged and united with the family.

Patil, a farmer based in Kalyan, was suddenly taken out of his normal routine due to feeling unwell and tried some home remedies to get that much-needed relief. Much to his dismay, he experienced disturbing signs like chest pain, palpitations and chest heaviness. His family was alarmed, recognized the red flags and brought him to Siddhivinayak Multispecialty Hospital & Cardiac Care Center.

Dr Abhay Jain, Cardiac Surgeon, Siddhivinayak Multispeciality Hospital & Cardiac Care Center, said: “The patient came to the emergency room on January 20 and an electrocardiogram (ECG) was performed indicating a myocardial infarction. He was immediately taken to the catheter. laboratory where an angiogram was performed. The patient was revealed to be suffering from Triple Vessel Disease (TVD), an extreme form of coronary artery disease (CAD) that causes morbidity and mortality in patients with diabetes mellitus. The patient and his family members were counseled and he was scheduled to undergo CABG on January 23.

Dr Jain addedThree main vessels that supply blood to the heart were blocked. An incision is made in the center of the chest, through the sternum (chest bone), so that the heart and coronary arteries can be seen. A healthy blood vessel is taken from the patient’s leg, arm, chest, or abdomen and connected to the other arteries of the heart so that blood is bypassed around the diseased or blocked area. The new vessel is known as a graft. A Sing graft taken from the left leg was used in his case.

This procedure improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart and manages symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath. “The chest incision was closed and a chest tube was used to drain the fluid. The operation took 3.5 hours and the patient was kept in intensive care for two days and then transferred to the general ward. He was discharged on January 28. He will be able to resume his daily routine after a month,” said Dr. Abhay Gaikwad, Director of Siddhivinayak Multispecialty Hospital.

“I was unable to concentrate on my daily activities due to chest pain and palpitations. I was petrified before having the operation, but the doctors comforted me and gave me hope that I could bounce back. The doctors informed us well about the procedure and my family members were also assured that I would be fine,” the patient concluded.

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