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Calcutta: Three-year-old Alisha Khatun was just one and a half when she was diagnosed with cyanotic heart disease. The young girl, who underwent a procedure called tetralogy of Fallot surgery at BM Birla Heart Research Center to treat congenital heart disease, is now growing up like any other normal child. Thanks to the state government’s Sishu Sathi program which came to the rescue of Domjur’s daughter’s parents.
“We first went to SSKM where doctors immediately arranged Sishu Sathi card for surgery at BM Birla. Now Alisha is growing up like any other child without any health issues,” her father said.
At Alipore Hospital, a team of doctors including pediatric cardiologist Subhendu Mandal and cardiac surgeon Manoj Daga performed a number of interventional procedures and surgeries for congenital heart diseases. Some of them are children who have been direct beneficiaries of the Bengal government’s Sishu Sathi program, a flagship program offering free treatment to children suffering from congenital heart disease.
“Over the past three decades, BM Birla has treated thousands of children for congenital heart disease alongside adult patients. I thank our doctors, nurses and support staff who ensured these patients were discharged from the hospital after their recovery,” said Simmardeep Gill, CEO of CK Birla Hospitals on the 32nd day of the founding of the hospital.
Other hospitals like RN Tagore, Narayana Superspecialty Hospital and Mission Hospital Durgapur have also treated a number of children under the scheme.
“About 50% of the interventional procedures and surgeries performed in our hospital fall under this program and 10% of them are for newborn babies, many of whom come from poor families,” said pediatric cardiac surgeon Debasis Das from the hospital. Narayan Superspecialty Hospital.
Previously, hospitals with a pediatric heart center treated children with congenital heart disease at a much more advanced stage. But now this program has contributed to earlier detection and treatment. “To date, we have treated approximately 1,000 children for congenital heart disease, including some very rare and difficult cases, under this program,” said cardiac surgeon Satyajit Bose, president of Mission Hospital in Durgapur.