Sarawak family needs RM80,000 to pay for infant heart surgery

FOUR days after Federick Jali Entia was born, doctors discovered that he had a heart problem due to transposition of the great arteries, where the two major vessels shifted places.

Doctors say it is a life-threatening condition and the five-week-old infant’s only hope for survival is to undergo arterial switch surgery at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, where surgeons will place the two major blood vessels in their proper ventricles.

However, the operation cost RM80,000, which is beyond the means of the family from Kuching, Sarawak.

Mother Entia Nyantau, 27, is a housewife caring for three children, including Federick, while her husband, Naga Anak Alap is a mechanic and the sole breadwinner in the family.

The joy of having a baby boy has turned to despair as the family struggles to ensure Federick receives the operation that will save his life.

The family had already spent considerable sums on airfare and accommodation for the mother and baby to come to Kuala Lumpur for the procedure.

“I am facing an extremely difficult situation, I have no funds for my child’s operation.

I ask for the public’s help,” Entia said in tears.

The family contacted the Da-Ai Malaysia Social Crowdfunding Association (Da-Ai) for help raising funds.

Mandy Lee Siok Fan, Da-Ai’s representative and social worker, said the association shared Federick’s plight on its official Facebook page.

“Due to the emergency, the hospital performed baby Federick’s surgery and gave Da Ai time to raise funds to cover the costs,” Lee said.

She said the baby was still under observation but was fine.

For more details, contact Lee at 016-6764691 or email: [email protected]

Those wishing to donate can do so through the association’s bank account at Persatuan Kebajikan Amal Da Ai Malaysia: AmBank Account: 8881047120904 (Reference: Case 1500).