Sally Dynevor health: Star had a sign of breast cancer ‘6 months’ before diagnosis

After being cruelly mocked by internet trolls, Evers used a social media video to prove that 58-year-old Dynevor could skate on her own. The pro skater also added that with a busy work schedule, finding time to train with the actress is getting harder and harder. However, Dynevor, who has played Coronation Street’s Sally Webster since 1986, is used to hard work and challenges, something she proved after battling breast cancer in 2010.

In an unlikely and slightly cruel twist of fate, Dynevor’s character Sally was dealing with breast cancer on the ITV soap opera. But shortly after filming the script, Dynevor received the same cruel diagnosis.

Appearing on Loose Women in 2020, Dynevor said her diagnosis was the “biggest shock” and that she would never have had her boobs checked if not for the Coronation Street storyline.

Admitting she “never thought it would happen to her”, following her diagnosis, Dynevor had to endure a grueling six-month battle involving chemotherapy after the disease spread to her lymph nodes.

Reflecting on her ordeal and subsequent recovery from the disease, Dynevor told RTE: “I just want to say that because the women there might say, ‘Well, that’s not going to happen to me’, because that’s what I used to say.

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“I thought, ‘It’s not going to happen to me, I’m really healthy and I’m running.’ And I just thought, ‘It’s not going to happen’ and it did.

“I can’t stress this enough, I never thought this would happen to me.”

The star went on to explain that she had a “little” bump, which turned out to be cancer, six months before she was diagnosed, as she was sure she was fine.

“I had this lump, I think, probably for six months when I look back, but I was so in denial about it. I thought I was fine,” she continued. explaining.


“I think it’s our defense mechanism in life, that you think, ‘It’s not going to happen to me, so I’m not going to address it’.”

The NHS reports that one in eight remarkable women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It is for this reason that the medical establishment insists that women check their breasts regularly for any changes and seek the advice of a GP if they are concerned.

For Dynevor, awareness is also extremely important, as it strives to prevent future generations from ignoring their health problems.

The actress added, “The only thing I want to say is that it’s really important that we know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. We all need to get checked.

There are several types of breast cancer, which can develop in different parts of the breast. The most common type of breast cancer is known as invasive breast cancer, which develops when cancerous cells have spread through the lining of the ducts into the surrounding breast tissue.

The other, known as non-invasive breast cancer, is found in the breast ducts rather than the breast tissue. For this reason, there is rarely a breast mass. This type of breast cancer is usually discovered during a mammogram.

Through surgery, Dynevor had his lymph nodes removed, followed by a lumpectomy and chemotherapy to treat his cancer. These are all common ways to treat breast cancer. Most women with breast cancer have an operation as part of their treatment.

Although breast cancer cannot be prevented, the NHS says that by following a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly, women can help prevent many health problems, including heart disease. , diabetes and many forms of cancer. However, it is important to note that there are no definitive conclusions between breast cancer and diet.