Qatar Charity organizes medical camp for children with congenital heart disease in Bangladesh

Qatar Charity (QC) organized a week-long medical camp in Bangladesh to provide essential treatment to nearly 90 children suffering from congenital heart diseases.

The medical camp, which runs from August 13-21, features a pediatric cardiology expert and catheter interventional procedures consultant from the University of Texas, USA. The camp also includes other pediatric cardiologists, cardiac surgeons from Jordan and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), Qatar, an anesthetist from Ramallah hospitals and many medical staff from Bangladesh.
Doctors perform the “closing the device” procedure for children with congenital heart disease.
Medical personnel, upon arrival, began performing multiple examinations to assess cases requiring operations. Coordination was established with the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases of Bangladesh to prepare a list of 100 to 150 patients with various types of malformations.
“We are doing our best to provide essential treatment to all children, and we hope they will lead a better life,” said Professor Dr Mohamed Numan, expert in pediatric cardiology and consultant in catheter interventional procedures at the University of Texas. He said the “device closure” procedure was successfully carried out for a 17-year-old girl, Tanzina Akhtar, who suffered from a large hole in the lower chamber of the heart.
“Hundreds of child patients cannot find unoccupied beds in the hospital, which is very large and has hundreds of beds,” said Dr. Abdul Majeed, health expert at Qatar Charity, adding that this critical situation indicates that the large number of children suffer from congenital heart disease.
He noted that more support is needed to improve hospital facilities and capacity, urging philanthropists to provide this vital support.
The families thanked the philanthropists in Qatar for relieving the suffering of their children. “It was very difficult for me to bear the cost of treatment for my child,” said the father of 8-year-old Sadia, who received the treatment at the camp, adding that “we had the opportunity to treat my child with the help of Qatar Charity.
“My daughter has been suffering from heart disease since birth, and we tried a lot to provide her with better treatment, but all efforts were in vain due to financial shortage,” said Tanzina Akhter’s mother. She thanked benefactors in Qatar and Quebec for providing the proper treatment for her daughter.
This is the second such medical camp organized in Bangladesh. Some 31 children received the medical treatment required for their congenital heart diseases during the first medical camp.