Phil Vickery shares his favorite cancer prevention recipe after ‘sledgehammer’ diagnosis

Every day, more than 1000 people are diagnosed with cancer. It turns out that 97% of Britons already have cancer-fighting foods hidden deep in their cupboards, according to a survey by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).

These foods include tuna, whole grains, canned or dried legumes such as lentils, canned or frozen vegetables, etc.

After his father was diagnosed with skin cancer, ITV’s This Morning boss Phil Vickery decided to join WCRF to raise awareness of these ‘closet heroes’.

Vickery, 60, argued that people mistakenly assume that eating healthy foods to prevent cancer is like spending a lot of money on “superfoods”.

He said: “It’s not about the latest superfoods, and every PR firm can write about superfoods, whether it’s blueberries from Guatemala or fresh asparagus from the Andes.

” I do not care.

“Eating staples without hassle has many benefits, especially in today’s environment.”

Vickery’s favorite food to prevent cancer, he said, was a massaman green curry.

Speaking of the dish, he said: ‘I make a green massaman curry with tinned potatoes, 29p. I wanted to do this. I really wanted to hate him. But it absolutely works.


“And forget the snobby side of the stuff it’s about, does it taste good?” I don’t care how you get there.

“I get a lot more excitement and pleasure from cooking this canned potato curry, which weighs less than a pound, than cooking lobster.”

Molecular epidemiologist Dr Giota Mitrou from the University of Cambridge explained the properties of everyday foods, including canned vegetables, that are associated with cancer prevention.

“Canned or frozen vegetables – like sweetcorn, mixed vegetables and spinach – are often less expensive than fresh and can be just as nutritious.

Although he was given the all-clear after surgeons “cut a lump” on the side of his head, the ordeal motivated Vickery to take on the food awareness campaign.

“My dad was always a big, strong guy. You know, ‘Come on son, take your shirt off, let’s work in the garden,’ and he was always so enthusiastic.

“It hit him like a hammer, he was a typical guy. There’s another really important thing about this cancer research fund and also awareness week, he’s had it for about a year and did nothing about it.

“So cancer is one of those things, which for me is certainly what other people get…it doesn’t happen to you.

“But when it happens to your immediate family, to your friends, it makes you very aware of it,” he said.

Vickery’s recipes are available in her new book The Canny Cook: Frozen Meals and Cupboards on a Budgetavailable on Amazon.

The World Cancer Research Fund has developed a cupboard hero recipe generator which you can use to plan cancer-preventive meals using foods you already have.