Parly pushes heart disease

PARLIAMENT was implored yesterday to pass legislation that tackles the plight of children with heart disease.

Brave Little Heart Executive Director Tendai Moyo presented a petition during her appearance before the Parliamentary Health Portfolio Committee led by Tapera Saizi.

Moyo advocated with the committee to compel the government, through the Department of Health and Child Care, to equip public health facilities to offer pediatric cardiac surgery services.

“Access to technical and financial support is needed to build health systems and raise awareness of childhood heart disease. This decision is expected to improve the management of cardiovascular disease in children in Zimbabwe,” Moyo said.

“Can the committee urge the government to promote early diagnosis, mass screening and appropriate medical treatment for people with childhood heart disease in the community. Equip hospitals and clinics with child-friendly infrastructure, equipment and human resources for a world-class cardiac care facility.

Congenital heart disease, one of the most common types of birth defects, is a general term for a range of abnormalities that affect the normal functioning of the heart.

“There are no strategic tools for the monitoring, assessment, treatment and care of the most common critical childhood heart diseases. We need your support for this event to create awareness and a platform to scale up the response to early detection treatment and management,” said Moyo.

“To promote friendly counseling and education sessions on children’s hearts for caregivers and promote free access to medicines for cardiac communities.”

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