Parents of miraculous baby girl with severe heart defects say “she fights every day”

Parents of a two week old baby girl born with multiple rare heart problems shared her story and praise for the NHS for helping her.

Little Margot-Valentina Hawkins was born on February 9 at Leicester Royal Infirmary for mum Hannah Hawkins and dad, Nick Hawkins from Bramcote.

But unlike most newborns, Margot has not yet been able to properly meet her siblings and other parents due to her birth with various heart complications.

The issues were first detected during Hannah’s 20-week scan, when the family learned that Margot’s heart could only last 25 to 30 years.

As well as being born with a half heart, there is also a hole inside and other complex issues that will mean she will be watched for the rest of her life.

“She was born breathing and that was our first relief,” said Nick, 35.

“Then we finally sat down with the consultants and discussed the first process Margot should have known as the Norwood procedure to be performed at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

“The operation had a 50/50 survival rate, which was the most painful thing – she was only four days old.”

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After a successful eight-hour surgery, the days that followed were essential for Margot to ensure that her body would accept the changes designed to help her heart function.

Meanwhile, Nick said Margot needed resuscitation, was prone to “mini” heart attacks and had a large scar on her chest.

“But this little girl, against all odds, she fights every day,” Nick added.

“Parents don’t put their kids to bed wondering if this will be their last day, but it is.

“It makes you realize what’s really important.”

Margot-Valentina is gone, showing her surgery scars. That’s right, the first time I wear clothes.

Hannah, 34, said: “It was devastating to have this news during my 20 week analysis, but once Margot got here it was more difficult than we ever imagined.

“Because of Covid, we can’t all be together and it’s heartbreaking to be away from my other kids.

“That day of surgery we had to say goodbye to him and just prayed that our phones wouldn’t ring because that would be bad news.

“Nick was amazing and I don’t know what we would have done without the other.

“But I am reassured to hold Margot and watch her grow up – she doesn’t look like the same baby anymore as she did when she had the surgery.

Margot will continue to be monitored in the hospital until she is strong enough to return home, but will have to return for more surgeries in just a few months.

As Nick and Hannah have to deal with the time apart of their four sons and barely seeing each other due to a one-in-one in the hospital, the focus has shifted to how they can give back. both at the NHS and at other parents facing similar challenges.

The couple are currently staying at a home run by the Ronald McDonald charity, which provides accommodation for families while their loved ones receive treatment.

“If we hadn’t had this hotel it would have been 100 times harder, it took the weight off us so we could rest,” Hannah said.

Nick said he had spent a few nights in Leicester Hospital in a chair and seeing services in Birmingham made him realize that more could be done for families.

He also said the experience with the NHS and Margot made him want to celebrate the work they do more and ultimately give it back.

“It has completely changed me to see what the NHS does and shows real teamwork no matter what, they are all there to help save lives.

“I’m going to be in this system for years to come, but we’re all going to be counting on them someday and I just think they’re all amazing people that I want to support.”

Nick has raised money through social media and there is a fundraising page to help support hospital services and charities such as the organizations that have helped Margot and the Hawkins family.

Margot-Valentina with mom, Hannah Hawkins and dad, Nick Hawkins.

He said he would continue to help wherever needed, “not for one thing in particular”, but to spread the gift as far as possible.

“I can’t stand the NHS but I have tried to help the services and I want to give something back so other parents in my situation don’t have to worry.

“It’s £ 5,000 a year to pay for one of the rooms we’re in, and I would love to sponsor one.

“It has been an absolute blessing for us and the NHS is just unreal.”

Margot-Valentina’s story has earned her the nickname “MV” and “Miracle Margot” and has already spread far and wide with many people after her trip.

Hope is now he might be able to help other families.

Hannah said: “It’s amazing how many hearts she touched – Margot’s future has kind of a time limit, or she may need a heart transplant, but you never know what might. happen in the future.

“I just feel lucky to have both of our families supporting us and helping with the boys, and we’ve had so much support from people we don’t even know.”

To visit Margot’s fundraising page, click here.

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