Ninja donates $25,000 to ChillinDude for upcoming heart surgery

Super Smash Bros. veteran Melee, Kashan “ChillinDude” Khan, recently suffered a massive stroke, leaving him in hospital for impending heart surgery. The Smash community rallied around the pro gamer, raising over $21,000 in just under an hour on the GoFundMe his family set up.

As ChillinDude is able to talk and move again, the situation has caused panic in his family. Without adequate insurance, Chillin faced an early discharge from hospital, despite her condition and an upcoming heart procedure. That’s what prompted Chillin’s brother to start the GoFundMe, hoping to extend Chillin’s stay and pay for his treatment.

It’s now been just over a day and ChillinDude’s family has raised over $192,000, surpassing the previous goal of $100,000. There were over 5,000 donations.

Earlier in the day on June 12, Chillin’s family received $25,000 from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. The Fortnite streamer and Smash supporter have the biggest donation as of press time.

Another significant donation was made by YouTuber Ludwig, who gave ChillinDude $10,000 for his recovery and treatment. Ludwig is another fan of the Smash esports scene, hosting online melee tournaments with fairly high prize money compared to some official tournaments, which often rely on crowdfunding.

Other major donors include Team Liquid and Team Liquid co-founder Victor Goossens. Team Liquid donated $6,000 to their scrum player and Goossens added another $5,000. Many people have also donated $1,000 to ChillinDude, some anonymously.

ChillinDude had been having pain in his knee for some time, which eventually led to an infection that spread to his heart. His family had friends in Southern California checking on Chillin after not hearing from him for days, which resulted in Chillin being found unresponsive on his bedroom floor. He had suffered a moderate stroke.

There have been no updates from ChillinDude or his family yet, but the goal has been raised to $250,000 with Chillin’s heart surgery scheduled for next week.