Newborn Health: Baby’s Heavy Breathing Is a Sign of Multiple Heart Defects | “George underwent open-heart surgery at just 16 days old”

A mum has warned parents to always listen to their parental instincts, after concerns about her newborn baby’s breathing later led to emergency heart surgery when her son was just 16 days old.

“We were very lucky that George’s heart condition was corrected in time,” Brisbane mother Emily Galloway wrote in a post on Tiny Hearts Education Facebook page where she recalled the terrifying experience.

The mother-of-two also thanked the hearing nurse who also noticed the little boy’s breathing difficulty when doctors called it ‘just a cold’.

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George was just 16 days old when he underwent open-heart surgery. (Facebook)

“I had raised my concerns about George’s heavy breathing with our midwife and then with a GP. Both had attributed it to a possible cold that George had caught from his older brother,” said started mom Emily in the post.

Always worried about breathing, the mom continued to consult other professionals but continued to receive the same response.

“The in-home midwife and GP during his seven-day checkup said he most likely had a cold and should use saline spray if needed. I went to a walk-in medical clinic you and I saw a doctor who told me the same as the previous doctor,” she explained. “Keep an eye out for him, probably a cold. Bring him back in a few days if he gets worse.”

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However, Emily’s worries were finally validated when she took her son George for his nine-day hearing test, and the nurse also noticed the heavy breathing.

“The hearing healthy nurse was worried it was something more serious, but she didn’t want me to panic either! She said if he stopped having wet diapers, became lethargic or the skin became mottled, I should go straight to the doctors. or the emergency department,” Emily wrote.

Unable to shake off the feeling that something was wrong, that afternoon Emily and her husband took baby George to the emergency room.

“I was a little worried at first because I was afraid they would think I was overreacting,” she wrote.

It was then that his worst fears were confirmed by the doctors.

Baby George is recovering in hospital from open-<a class=heart surgery.”/>
Baby George is recovering in hospital from open-heart surgery. (Facebook)

“As soon as I got to the ER they called the Resus team and George was taken to PICU with a suspected lung infection,” she continued.

“George and I were airlifted on the RACQ life flight to Queensland Children’s Hospital in Brisbane in the early hours of the next morning. Pediatric cardiologists in Brisbane had diagnosed George with multiple heart defects including hypoplasia of the aortic arch and a VSD (a ventricular septal defect).”

“George underwent open-heart surgery at just 16 days old and just 3.5kg,” the mum revealed.

from Emily strong maternal instinct was right and without his perseverance, the outcome for George could have been very different.

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Emily was extremely grateful to the nurse who also noticed the heavy breathing. (Facebook)

“The procedure was a success and he recovered much faster than expected,” she explained in the post, reassuring readers that her son was fine.

Although George is not off the hook just yet, “With any child who has open heart surgery under 12 months old, we are ensuring they meet their milestones and taking action if there is a need for early intervention.”

Emily wanted to share her story online as a message to other parents to always follow their instincts and watch their little ones if they think something is wrong.

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“We were very lucky that George’s heart condition was detected in time and I am eternally grateful to the hearing health nurse who confirmed my concerns. She is his guardian angel!” she exclaimed.

The post received thousands of comments and shares from parents who praised the mother for her perseverance. Emily also took to the comments to provide an update on George.

“George is doing great and just celebrated his first birthday,” also sharing a photo of the happy little boy.

Little George celebrates his first birthday at home with his family. (Facebook)

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