Local Congenital Heart Defect Fundraiser Surpasses $12,000 | News

A fundraiser developed to conquer and raise awareness about congenital heart defects has sparked an overwhelming community response.

Grice Gun Shop is fundraising on GoFundMe during February, which is American Heart Month. There is also a weapons raffle. The funds are intended for Conquering CHD –Pennsylvania.

“I thought I would be lucky to get $1,500 in a month just by using the GoFundMe page, so I thought I’d do a raffle too,” said organizer Sierra Danver. “I was apparently really wrong, because the GoFundMe page blew up.”

After only a few days, the goal had to be increased and was set at $5,000. On February 14, donations topped $10,000 and the goal was raised again. As of Thursday, more than $12,600 had been raised on GoFundMe.

The fundraiser will remain open until March 7 and available at https://bit.ly/GriceGunShopCHD, Danver said. At the end of the fundraiser, the money will go directly to the organization. Danver also kept track of mailed checks. Grice Gun Shop will match $5,000 in donations. There was also a raffle with a drawing game for March 1st.

Sierra Danver painted some windows in Clearfield to raise awareness about congenital heart defects.

Fundraising began as a way to raise awareness about coronary heart disease. “I was just hoping to raise awareness for children with congenital heart defects,” Danver said. “I’m excited for people to learn about congenital heart defects.”

Danver knows several children in the community who were born with coronary heart disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, coronary artery disease “is the most common type of birth defect.” They range from mild cases, like a small hole in the heart, to more severe cases, like missing parts of the heart.

While some blemishes may not have any symptoms, a few signs to look out for include blue-tinged fingernails or lips, rapid breathing, fatigue when eating, and general drowsiness. Some cases can be diagnosed during pregnancy using a special type of ultrasound, while others aren’t detected until after birth, the CDC notes.

Danver expressed his gratitude to the community for their support. “It’s really a thank you to everyone who donated, shared or helped in any way,” she said.