Linden boy needs urgent financial help for heart surgery – Guyana newsroom

The relatives of a 10-year-old boy from Silver City, Wismar, Linden, are asking for the public’s help in obtaining funds to enable him to undergo life-saving heart surgery.

Dilon Edwards was born with an enlarged heart that got worse over the years; he now needs oxygen 24/7.

His mother Roxanne Orna-Edwards told the newsroom on Thursday that he developed the disease four years ago, but four months ago his condition worsened with a tear in his heart.

“Three days ago they say [the heart] tear more and if we don’t do the operation by the end of the month, he’s going to die,” the mother explained.

The mother-of-six explained that the family had been struggling to care for the young boy, especially since he had been in and out of hospital.

The boy’s father is from the Netherlands and relatives are trying to bring him to this country for the operation. But the News Room understands that the operation can also be done in Guyana.

Orna-Edwards revealed they were trying to raise US$11,000 for the operation.

“It’s hard, I have a baby and I can’t even breastfeed him, I have to go up and down…but I always try, but as long as Dillon lives I will try,” the mother said .

Anyone wishing to help the family can contact +592 665 9614.