Konnan reportedly underwent heart surgery due to the effects of COVID-19

Mexican pro wrestling legend Konnan recently underwent heart surgery.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Konnan was hospitalized last Thursday after suffering from what was described as a lot of chest pain. The report added that Konnan initially attributed the source of his pain to the fractured ribs he suffered during an attack by FTR on AEW. dynamite last June.

Konnan, 58, was hospitalized for six days and underwent surgery before returning home.

According to Alfonso Lizarraga from Gladiatores, Konnan’s surgery was due to his diagnosis of COVID-19. Meltzer could not confirm the same.

Konnan contracted the COVID-19 virus last February, when he was also hospitalized with a serious kidney problem. It is not known if he contracted the virus again recently, before his heart surgery.

During this time, Lucha Blog reports that Konnan is now “in stable condition.”

Konnan has yet to speak publicly about his surgery via social media or his podcast. However, he responded to a concerned fan who asked the wrestler about his condition.

Stay tuned for updates on his recovery from heart surgery.

LRT: Konnan underwent heart surgery due to effects of COVID, is in stable condition.

Konnan fue sumitted a una cirugía de corazón por secuelas de Covid, aún que la situation fue y sigue siendo delicada todo indica que al momento está estable.

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