Is personal loan at lending companies reliable?

First, you have been searching for the best interest rates for personal loans and have probably come to our site, haven’t you? Another option is that you have seen an ad from us or even received the recommendation of a friend who is already our customer. But of course, that doubt can always roll: Is the Lending company reliable?

Personal loan Loans is reliable

Personal loan Loans is reliable

Lending company has more than loans made. We serve the whole country.

Also, the company’s commitment is to bring the best credit options to the customer, always seeking to assist in their financial health.

So that you are very calm and know who we are, let’s talk about the conditions we have?

Who can apply for the credit?

Who can apply for the credit?

The dealership is made for over 21 years and the ideal is that the customer has a good financial history which will influence the analysis of the order.

Who can apply for the loan are: salaried, retired and pensioners, farmers, self-employed professionals, self-employed professionals and civil servants (municipal, state and federal).

Thus, it is necessary that the client who wants to take out a loan also has proof of income and address and has a checking account, in the case of hiring credit.

In addition, Personal Credit can be done through Credit Card, Check, Credit Card and Debit Account.

Lending company also has a credit line for negatives.

Loan Application Process:

Registration and form filling:

The customer must come to the store, register and complete our credit pre-analysis form. In case of pre-approval, the client already finds out his credit limit and its rate.

Documentation Submission

The pre-approved customer who wishes to contract the loan must send the supporting documentation of the previously informed data. This means sending ID, proof of income, proof of residence, etc.

Credit Approval:

After these documents have been validated, the client receives a positive or negative response to their personal loan request. If the customer is interested in continuing with the loan, he / she should sign the loan agreement, confirm receipt of the payment slips and validate the current account informed for the loan deposit requested.

Credit to your checking account:

All right? Once you confirm receipt of the slips and have signed the contract, the deposit is made to your account within a few days.

Payment of installments

The payment of the installments shall be made according to the due date of the slips. If the client wants to make a prepayment or loan repayment, they need to come to our store.

Necessary documents

Necessary documents

On the other hand, there is a slight variation in the requested documents, depending on the nature of the applicant’s profession or the type of loan requested, for example.

Thus, we can summarize the documents requested as follows:

  • CPF and RG or CNH;
  • Proof of residence (vouchers such as electricity, water, telephone or credit card bill are accepted);
  • Proof of income (last 90 days bank statement, pay stub, etc.).

Advantages of lending company

Advantages of Loyalty

Finally, in addition to being reliable and allowing you to be safe, fast and easy to access to the loan, you will find even more advantages:

  • Quick release;
  • Deposited the amount of the direct loan in your account;
  • Great interest rates;
  • Service your way, by phone, email or social networks.