Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard Announces Cancer Diagnosis

AMES, Iowa (AP) – Iowa State University athletic director Jamie Pollard has announced in an open letter to Cyclones fans his diagnosis of testicular cancer.

In the letter posted to the school’s website on Wednesday, Pollard said his diagnosis started with groin pain about four weeks ago. After finding a lump and seeing a doctor, Pollard said he had surgery last week to have the lump removed. He found out a day later that it was cancerous.

Addition tests showed the cancer had not spread, Pollard said. He and his doctors discuss treatment options.

Pollard said he initially kept the diagnosis private to avoid distracting Iowa state sports programming, but decided to reveal the diagnosis after having to cancel an address last week for 500 guests.

“Unfortunately I had to miss my appearance on very short notice (due to surgery) and it was disheartening not being able to share the real reason for my cancellation,” he wrote.

Pollard added that he is keen to help others who are facing similar challenges.

“When I had open heart surgery in 2015, it allowed me to encourage others with similar heart problems. By sharing some details of my cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, I can emphasize the critical importance of early detection when it comes to cancer survival rates.

Pollard has been the athletic director of Iowa State since 2005. This year, the school extended his contract until 2026.