India has 2-3 times higher percentage of heart disease than Western countries, warns top experts, Health News, ET HealthWorld

With the death of KK singer from cardiac arrest that has left the country in shock, top experts have warned of India’s susceptibility to heart disease which is 2-3 times higher in percentage compared to to Western countries.

Singer and songwriter Krishnakumar Kunnath, known by his stage name KK, died on May 31 at the age of 53. The singer fell ill during a live concert in Kolkata on Tuesday and was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. .

Speaking to ANI, Dr Naresh Trehan, President and CEO of Medanta Hospital, said: “As a young man, over 50 years old, with no major issues and who passed away suddenly. many examples of a healthy person falling asleep and not waking up. It’s because of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure which are silent killers.”

He further stated, “It is the known statistics that Indians have a higher percentage of people who will have heart disease 2-3 times that of the western world.”

He also emphasized the role of genes as a factor behind many diseases, including heart disease.

Explaining the factors behind heart disease, Dr. Trehan said people are predisposed to coronary heart disease due to genetic factors. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise also contribute to the disease.

“We tell people to ‘know your genes.’ You have to be careful about family history. If you have heart disease in your family, the children will be doubled in risk. If you have diabetes in the family, the children will be doubled. the risk of developing diabetes,” he said.

Dr. Trehan further stated that if heart disease is already in the family, timely testing should be done.

He added: “We suggest today that at the age of 25, people who have a positive family history have their first health check. Then we identify the risk factors and guide them accordingly for the rest of their life. Similarly, people who don’t have a medical history should have their first exam before the age of 30 because there are problems that exist that we are not aware of.”

“Another most dangerous factor is frying and frying. Stress contributes to high blood pressure. We have a large proportion of people who smoke at a young age. So tobacco and chewing tobacco damage the coronary arteries “, said Dr. Trehan. added.

Emphasizing on recognizing the symptoms, Dr Ashok Seth, President of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, said: “The sad and untimely death of singer KK has left important lessons for all. , nervousness, feeling weak and severe indigestion not relieved by antacids.”

Explaining in more detail what needs to be done after symptoms, Dr Seth said: “Don’t delay. No matter what time of day or night, go straight to the nearest hospital and get an ECG. It could save lives. Most heart attack deaths occur within the first hour.”