“I thought I was not smart”


There is no celebrity nicer than Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston according to many of her followers. It’s a wonder how she was able to grow up in the spotlight and still acts so down-to-earth and relatable. Her high school follows this notion as she struggled with bullying and other issues throughout her teenage years.

The truth is, even prominent celebrities have things to overcome, and Aniston is no exception. Despite the perfection of Rachel Green’s life in high school the Friends, Aniston went through a phase of “goth nightmare” and thought she was not smart. Later, a diagnosis of dyslexia helped her understand why school was difficult.

Jennifer Aniston Has Been Bullied For Being “Chubby”

In an exclusive InStyle interview with Molly McNearney in 2018, the We are the Millers The star has spoken candidly about her self-esteem over the years as well as the effects of social media on children today.

“I was one of those kids who was kind of bullied, and I don’t know why,” Aniston told McNearney. “I was one of the kids the others decided to make fun of. It was a strange time in the fifth, sixth, seventh years. I was a little chubby, so I was just that kid.

“Childhood is such a vulnerable time, and I’m sure part of me believed whatever they teased me,” she added. “Fortunately, I didn’t have a phone or social media to look around and think, ‘Oh, I’m not this, I’m not that. I just wanted to have fun and play catch the flag.

She didn’t know her difficulties at school were due to dyslexia until she was 20

Actress Jennifer Aniston in 1990 | Alice S. Hall / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

The Friends The star has been open about her struggles with self-image, encouraging more women to empower themselves to love and care for themselves. Among those struggles was reading: a challenge she took to heart and attributed to not being smart enough to do it.

“I thought I was not smart. I just couldn’t hold anything back, ”Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “Now I have made this great discovery. I had the impression that all the traumas, the tragedies, the dramas of my childhood were explained.

Moreover, it was only by chance that she discovered dyslexia. If it hadn’t been for his eye date, Aniston could still struggle with those thoughts today.

“The only reason I knew [that I had Dyslexia] was because I went to get a prescription for glasses, ”Aniston continued. “I had to wear these Buddy Holly glasses. One had a blue lens and the other a red lens. And I had to read a paragraph, and they gave me a quiz, asked me ten questions based on what I had just read, and I think I got three good ones.

She added, “Then they put a computer over my eyes, showing where my eyes went when I read. My eyes skipped four words and went up two words, and I also had a bit of a lazy eye, like a crossed eye. , which they must always correct in the photos.

Aniston called high school “tragic”

As you can already see, high school was not a piece of cake for kids. Ferris Bueller’s day off Star. “High school was tragic,” Aniston told People in 2016. “You know, you’re experimenting. It was in the ’80s, and I looked like a gothic nightmare. I wasn’t going for it. more beautiful. It was – how can I be the most rebelliously unattractive? “

Aniston has come a long way since then. On the contrary, her difficulties in high school should be a lesson for young women. The Friends The star went through a lot in her youth, but she eventually came out on top with more fame and success than most of us can imagine. After all, it’s Jennifer Aniston. There isn’t a person alive today who doesn’t know and love her (except maybe Angelina Jolie).

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