Heart disease in children on the rise


Ms. Samina developed diabetes early in her pregnancy. She took several medications for this, but her blood sugar was not sufficiently controlled. She delivered a newborn baby on time. The baby was otherwise healthy but soon developed difficulty breathing with a bluish discoloration of his lips and tongue. The doctor did an echocardiogram and found the baby had structural heart disease.

In addition to poorly controlled diabetes during pregnancy, there are several maternal conditions where newborns can have a heart defect called congenital heart disease (CHD). The prevalence of coronary heart disease in newborns has increased worldwide, especially in Asia. Early detection and rapid medical treatment lead to better results in these conditions. Sometimes he needs sophisticated surgery.

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Previously, the people of our country had to travel to other countries for the necessary surgeries. But today, Bangladesh is almost self-sufficient in dealing with these problems in the public and private sectors. Parents should bring the newborn to medical attention as soon as possible in case of breathing difficulties. Development partners must also subsidize the organization of expensive devices needed to correct defects.

To raise awareness, World Heart Day is celebrated on September 26 of each year. It aims to draw people’s attention to heat-related illnesses. People all over the world can find events that raise awareness about cardiovascular disease (CVD) – their warning signs, steps you can take to fight them, and how to help those around you who may be suffering from it.

A recent theme, “Use Heart to Connect”, was about using our knowledge, compassion and influence to ensure that we, our loved ones and the communities we live in have the best chance of living a life. healthy for the heart. It’s about connecting with our hearts, making sure we feed them and nurturing them the best that we can, and using “digital power” to connect every heart, everywhere.

Dr Abdullahel Amaan is a resident in the Department of Neonatology at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Bangladesh.
Email: [email protected]

Dr Khainoor Zahan is Deputy Director, Bangladesh National Nutrition Council (BNNC), Bangladesh.
Email: [email protected]


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