Former WWE and WCW star suffers two strokes before dementia diagnosis

Ancient WWE and WCW Star Virgilreal name Mike Jones, is facing an uphill battle, according to a series of Twitter posts. As reported by The star of the dayJones revealed he had suffered a pair of strokes without fully realizing it, which led to a troubling diagnosis of dementia.

“I’m grateful to be able to share something that happened to me. Unfortunately, I have some really difficult news to share. If you’re wondering why I haven’t been so engaged over the past few weeks, it’s because I got some bad news,” the former star wrote. “Since Mania weekend (of all weekends), I haven’t felt so good. Something was wrong. My head, my arm and my heart. When I came back from Dallas, I ended up going to the doctor and they found a whole bunch of problems.”

Jones then lists his increasing health issues, noting that “I suffered 2 massive strokes” and sharing that he didn’t know until he had trouble moving one of his arms. “It’s basically incapable of doing anything,” Jones wrote, adding that was the good news.

“The worst news is that I was told I was battling with early stage dementia. Years of taking the big hit of the main event every night (that no one else wanted take) had started to affect me,” Virgil reveals. “I’m nervous, I’m scared and God knows I can’t afford to go through this and even earn a living. It’s really sad because all I want to do is have fun and do what i always do surviving i ask for well 4 entries my roommate and my team helped me with this page to help me get [by].”

The former WWE star then posted a link to Paypal for donations and a link to his mobile game. Asking for donations is very different from the last time Jones used GoFundMe or asked for donations, hoping to become a millionaire simply from fan donations. It’s not something everyone should face, especially people who don’t have a strong support system.

Hopefully he can find help and assistance beyond where he is now. It’s a start, but it’s also a long way. Here’s hoping for the best.