First Open Heart Surgery Performed at GBP Hospital

  • Abhijit Nath, NET Correspondent, Tripura

Agartala, 22nd January 2022: Marking a new milestone in the medical history of Tripura, Agartala Government Medical College (AGMC) and Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital (GBP) have successfully conducted the first of their open heart surgery on a middle-aged patient.

Govind Ballabh Pant Hospital popularly known as GBP Hospital is the referral hospital of the state.

Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Kanak Narayan Bhattacharjee led the 12-member team comprising doctors and technicians from the Department of Cardio-Thoracic Vascular Surgery (CTVS) and performed the operation successfully.

Addressing a press conference at the AGMC conference hall here in Agartala, Dr. Sanjib Debbarma accompanied by the College’s senior professor, Dr. Monjushri Roy, highlighted the first open-heart surgery performed at the hospital .

Citing details of the success story, Dr Bhattacharjee said that recently a patient Madhavi Rani Das (46) from Udaipur city with her respiratory problems visited the doctors at GBP Hospital.

After a detailed diagnosis, the medical team discovered a large atrial septal defect in her heart, causing further damage to her heart and lungs, and age-related factors also compounded the patient’s battle with cancer. same thing.

The medical fraternities further decided to complete the patient’s open heart surgery and in accordance with the decision, the team of technical experts prepared and on 20th January (Thursday), the team, thanks to efforts involved, successfully completed the operation for four long hours. , Dr. Bhattacharjee informed and added that after 24 hours, the condition of the patient improves.

As the CTVS department successfully completed its first open-heart surgery, AGMC management along with physicians and staff celebrated the event and talked about the journey that began after the establishment of the Cardio Vascular Surgery department. -thoracic (CTVS).

Dr Bhattacharjee, Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, and Head of the CTVS Department at AGMC, Dr Bhattacharjee said, “We have come a long way from not being able to perform a single open-heart surgery after the inception of the department. We are working on it and need manpower and today we are achieving success”.

The super specialty department also helped the poor patient who could not afford open heart surgery which is an expensive affair in private hospitals in other states across the country and with his first open heart surgery in At GBP Hospital, great hope has emerged for underprivileged patients in the state who are unable to bear such expensive surgeries, Dr. Sanjib Debbarma added.