Emma McVey, fiancée of Geordie Shore star Gaz Beadle, reveals heart diagnosis that ‘baffled’ doctors


Gaz Beadle’s fiancee has revealed how ‘baffled’ doctors are to find out that she is living with dangerous heart disease that should have been caught as a child.

Geordie Shore star Gaz sent a sweet message of support to fiancee Emma McVey as she told her followers she was living with a severe heart defect in a moving Instagram post.

The 28-year-old mother-of-two is now facing heart surgery after doctors discovered she had three holes in her heart.

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Emma, ​​who has worked with reality TV star Geordie since 2016, said her life-changing diagnosis had left her struggling with anxiety, reports The Mirror.

Sharing the news shock with her 900,000 subscribers, she explained that her heart problems should have been resolved when she was a child.

Along with a photo of her hugging and cuddling her kids, Chester and Primrose, she wrote: “So many of you have asked me since my stories, and so many of you have given me amazing advice.

“It took me a while to really recognize what’s going on, which is probably why it’s only recently starting to hit me.

“I’ve been drained and exhausted, but I try to keep everything so normal.

Emma with Gaz and her son Chester

“To make a long story short we finally found out that I have three big holes in my heart and damaged tissue that causes my blood to flow in the wrong direction, the right side of my heart is now enlarged and weak, with high blood pressure pressure in my lungs.

“It all got worse because they should have been closed when I was a kid, unfortunately no one checked my heart even when I had seizures and was diagnosed with epilepsy or had passed out like it was a hobby.

“I certainly shouldn’t have carried babies while they were there.”

Doctors were shocked that she managed to survive her pregnancy despite her condition, Emma said.

She said: “They are baffled how I managed to deliver with Primrose and if it wasn’t a Cesarean it could have been a very different story.

“Now I am waiting for open heart surgery because the holes just cannot be closed with the device closed.

“I was much calmer, at times lively and very anxious. But that’s the reason why, because every day I worry about my babies, and I randomly cry wondering if I come in and they wouldn’t see them again ?! Especially with everything that is going on right now.

“Morbid and crazy I know, but it just shows that you have no idea what people are really going through and social media really doesn’t even show you half of someone’s life.”

Meanwhile, Gaz was quick to comment to show he was right by her side.

He wrote: “You will do it as you always do.

“You are the strongest person I know. Me and the kids will be by your side all the time.

“I can’t guarantee the house will be in one piece when you get out of the hospital, but I will try. “


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