‘Dr Pimple Popper’ Season 7: Karen Diagnosed With Scaly Feet After 23 Painful Years

Armed with his scalper and tweezers, “Dr. Pimple Popper,” aka Dr. Sandra Lee, is back with Season 7 of our favorite TLC show. The upcoming season features Dr. Lee tackling some of the toughest and most interesting cases to date. So what are you waiting for, grab your popcorn and tissues as you prepare to be shocked and touched by the heartbreaking stories of the patients featured on the show and their incredible transformation at the hands of Dr. Lee.

The first episode titled “Lookin’ for Love in Lumpy Places” will feature Dr. Lee dealing with three very unique cases. Karen, one of three patients in the first episode, has lived with sore, scaly feet for 23 years. She went to several doctors for respite from her skin condition and was often prescribed topical creams and ointments, but none of them helped her much. Before throwing in the towel and accepting that she would have to live in constant agony and pain, Karen decided to seek Dr. Lee’s help as a last resort.


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After carefully examining Karen’s leg and performing some tests, Dr. Lee narrowed her diagnosis down to dyshidrosis or palmoplantar psoriasis. To get the final confirmation, Dr. Lee reached out to fellow dermatologist/”dermis nerd” Dr. Curtis Asbury and asked for his opinion on the matter. Dr Asbury confirmed it was palmoplantar psoriasis after looking at the photos Dr Lee shared with him. Palmoplantar psoriasis is a variant of psoriasis that characteristically affects the skin of the palms and soles of the feet. After focusing on the diagnosis, Dr. Lee went to Karen to give her the diagnosis which hinted at several doctors for 23 long years.

When Karen learned of her diagnosis and saw the picture of it in a medical textbook, she breathed a huge sigh of relief and began to feel hopeful about her situation. Dr. Lee also assured her that her scaly and sore feet would get some respite once she started her treatment. Instead of putting her on topical medication, Dr. Lee prescribed her a dose of an oral medication called acitretin and assured her that she would start seeing results within a month and that it would take some time for a visible difference is noticed. Karen was thrilled to hear Dr. Lee’s treatment plan and felt that a few months of waiting for her treatment was nothing compared to the 23 long years she lived in pain without a proper diagnosis. We’ll have to wait and watch to see if the medicine helped Karen’s leg.

Season 7 of “Dr. Pimple Popper” airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on TLC.

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