CSI Releases Video Starring Kapil Dev On Heart Disease Prevention

“I hope it will be posted in various forums so that people realize the importance of taking care of their heart health, which is in their hands. If they adopt a good diet, a good lifestyle, exercise well and avoid smoking, we can prevent a lot of heart disease very well, ”the eminent cardiologist told IANS.

He described the book as A to Z of cardiology.

“It’s all about the normal heart, heart disease, how to prevent it and if you unfortunately do develop it, how to treat it. The book is in English but I hope it will be translated into all possible languages.”

The CSI adopts a two-pronged strategy: informing the public and training cardiologists. Stating that raising public awareness has been one of CSI’s strengths, he said they want to improve it in any way they can.

With 5,000 members across the country, CSI works to prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD) and eradicate cardiovascular mortality to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease and nutritious diets. It strives to increase awareness of the correlation between cardiovascular disease and the environment and lifestyle.

ITUC President-elect Dr PS Banerjee told IANS prevention goes hand in hand with awareness. The corps of cardiologists will approach the government to reach people in remote areas.

“We will write to the government. If it needs our help, we can send our representatives to organize small meetings in local languages ​​on what to do to prevent heart attacks or any heart disease,” he said. he declares.

The cardiologists’ four-day conclave, which ended on Sunday, addressed issues such as clinical cardiology, preventive cardiology, interventional cardiology, imaging cardiology and artificial intelligence and digital technology in the practice of cardiology.

Dr Banerjee, who was the Scientific Chair of CSI2021, pointed out that the whole topic of cardiovascular medicine was covered. Speakers selected for renowned sessions in their sub-specialties such as heart failure, preventive cardiology, hypertension and diabetes. There were also joint sessions with the American College of Cardiology, the European Society of Cardiology, the European Society of Heart Failure and the European Heart Journal for an exchange of views.

The cardiologists met after a two-year hiatus. Dr Mohanon described it as a fantastic meeting where the impetus was given to the innovations taking place. “Cardiology is an area in which we embrace all the innovations that occur for the benefit of patients,” said the President of the CSI.

“We have tried to reach out to healthcare professionals, cardiologists, doctors, teach them about new innovations in cardiology, new guidelines for medical treatment and how best to use them for better care.”

Dr Mohanan said CSI has tried to assimilate new innovations. “This time we put more emphasis on digitization. Covid has taught us a lot of new things. We have learned a lot of things and we have unlearned a lot of things. We are trying to learn new things, how to integrate each new knowledge available worldwide and improving heart care, ”he said.

Recognizing the key role government plays in educating and educating the public, the corps of cardiologists seeks to influence policy makers like their counterparts in the United States.

“We need to influence policy makers, just like we did with the smoking ban. We need to advise them on the importance of physical activity and healthy eating. Policy makers have their say. We will try to influence them as do other associations. The American Heart Association has enormous influence over their government. The ITUC will try to emulate this and present a strong proposal on how to live a healthy life in order to prevent heart disease, ”said the President of the ITUC.

Dr Banerjee said they have to depend on government help because the task of reaching a large population, especially in rural areas, is enormous. “We need the government’s help because society alone cannot do it. It takes a lot of money,” he said.

He proposed to set up small groups of young doctors who will go to remote areas and with the help of local authorities to organize seminars. They will be demonstrating aspects such as CPR, lifestyle modification, the benefits of physical exercise, good nutrition, smoking and alcohol avoidance.

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