C’garh doctors perform complex heart surgery

Doctors at Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memoria Hospital performed a rare and extremely complex heart operation on a 23-year-old woman who suffered from both blood-related heart disease and rare heart disease.

Doctors from the Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery Department operated on the unidentified patient who was a sickle cell patient (blood-related disease) and also suffered from Ebstein’s anomaly, a rare congenital heart condition.

The head of the department, Dr Krishna Kant Sahu, said Ebstein’s anomaly is a rare heart defect present at birth (congenital). It was the second such operation in six months, but this one was more critical.

Typically, the disease affects one in two million congenital heart patients. Typically, 13% of newborns die at birth while 18% die by age 10. Patient survival is typically 18 to 20 years, he said.

He added that due to sickling, frequent blood transfusions are required.

The bovine tissue valve was implanted into the patient’s heart through open-heart surgery. As the heart valve is not functioning due to lack of oxygen in the blood, the patient’s body turns blue. It was corrected after the operation.

The biggest challenge was controlling the body temperature of the patients due to the lack of blood.

The patient is on the road to recovery, Dr. Sahu said.