Cells killed by a heart attack can be resuscitated with hormones

Even after a heart attack, your heart can be as healthy as ever. This is revealed by a recent study conducted by the University of California. Scientists have found in research that cells that die from a heart attack can be revived through hormones. The particularity is that they will be completely natural which will also prove very beneficial in the case of gene therapy procedures. So far, this experiment has been performed on rats. It remains to be tested on humans.Also Read – 8 Ways Lauric Acid Can Improve Your Overall Health

If the test works in humans, it could pave the way to saving and extending the lives of people who have had heart attacks. A synthetic messenger ribonucleic acid was used in this experiment done on rats. In this technique, mRNA create a “plan” of DNA sequenceswhich the body uses to make proteins where proteins build and control our cells. Also Read – Supreme Court Justice Mr Shah suffers massive heart attack in Himachal, rushed to Delhi for treatment

The purpose of this is to give different instructions for different biological processes by modifying the mRNA. This message is generated in two ways. first through Rooting and second across YAP5SA. These two hormones activate the cardiomyocytes of the heart muscle. This helps revive dead heart cells. Scientists want dead cells to become new cells. Also Read – KK Dies Of Heart Attack: Why Stroke Cases Are Rising In Adults, Doctor Says

Heart attacks account for 1 quarter of all deaths worldwide

Heart attack is a serious illness. Heart disease accounts for a quarter of all deaths worldwide. Deaths from heart disease have increased by more than two million over the past 20 years. In 2019, this figure reached 90 lakhs.