Kochi: Kerala’s first artificial heart implantation was successfully performed in a private hospital on a 61-year-old patient. The cardiothoracic surgery team at VPS Lakeshore Hospital implanted the Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD), an advanced and unique mechanism designed to help patients with heart failure by helping the lower left chamberRead More →

Through Express news service NEW DELHI: A middle-aged Tanzanian, who had previously received a kidney transplant, underwent rare and complicated heart surgery at a private hospital in the nation’s capital. The patient suffered from shortness of breath, fatigue and palpitations, which were diagnosed as being caused by a major leakRead More →

BILL Clinton’s hospitalization this week with a reported sepsis infection comes after several life-threatening medical issues and a history of health issues. The former president, 75, was hospitalized in Orange, California on Tuesday with an “infection,” his spokesperson said. 2 Bill Clinton was hospitalized this weekCredit: Getty 2 Bill andRead More →

Tubes and other flexible equipment used in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery (CPB) have exposed young children to phthalates at levels that may be clinically significant, according to preliminary research. In one hospital, pediatric patients who received blood products during heart surgery experienced immediate postoperative increases in serum DEHP levels (from aRead More →