Robert Webb is currently showing off his skills on the Strictly Come Dancing dance floor alongside pro Diane Buswell. The actor and comedian may have had a mixed start with the judges, but it’s fair to say he has the backing of his comedy partner David Mitchell, who joined JermaineRead More →

Richie Faulkner is in “stable condition” after being hospitalized earlier this week with major heart problems. Judas Priest’s guitarist has undergone “major emergency heart surgery”, Faulkner’s partner Mariah Lynch confirming on social media that the operation was a success. “Thanks everyone for all of your posts,” Lynch wrote on Instagram.Read More →

Open heart surgery is an incision made through the breastbone, also known as the breastbone, which is then pulled apart. This form of opening is called a full or midline sternotomy. After the operation, the sternum is closed with stainless steel threads and the skin is sutured. Image Credit: MAD.vertiseRead More →