Call to follow a healthy diet to avoid heart disease – Journal

RAWALPINDI: With the increase in the number of heart patients in the country, the speakers called on people to follow a healthy diet to avoid heart disease, saying there is a need for a new determination among healthcare providers physicians and government to address the growing burden of heart disease.

A two-day international conference on “Cardiovascular Diseases, a Threat to National Development” was organized by the National Heart Association of Pakistan (Panah) at the Armed Forces Heart Institute (AFIC) Rawalpindi, purpose of discussing the reasons for the increase in cases of heart disease and sharing suggestions for prevention, awareness and the importance of simple lifestyle changes.

Riphah University Vice Chancellor Hassan Mohammad Khan Science Foundation Chairman Prof. Shahid Mehmood Baig Commander of ACEC Major General Mohammad Afsheen Iqbal Retired Lt. Gen. Attended at the event.

Conference attendees cite smoking as major cause of heart disease

The secretary of the association, Sanaullah Ghumman, briefed the participants on the aims and objectives of Panah and the importance of the conference.

Panah chairman, retired Major General Masoodur Rehman Kayani, said the rise in heart disease was a matter of concern and called on relevant authorities to take action to curb it as a matter of urgency.

Speakers said the conference was very significant in its nature as its overall goals were to bring together local and international researchers, scholars and policy makers on a single platform to help promote the importance of treatment and prevention. a timely search.

The importance of healthy diet in reducing coronary artery disease in Pakistan could be stimulated and the causes of the diseases treated, they added.

Conference attendees cited tobacco use as a major cause of heart disease.

They said they hoped that with the help of today’s conference, “we will work together with renewed determination to tackle the growing burden of heart disease as before and lend our support to building a disease-free society”.

On this occasion, Panah distributed gifts and certificates to five young bloggers who had written excellent blogs on the harms of sugary drinks, considered a major cause of deadly diseases, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes. .

Posted in Dawn, May 30, 2022