Brave Reggie, 7, becomes football coach after heart murmur diagnosis

A seven-year-old boy has been given the green light to play soccer again – just weeks after being diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Medics discovered the disease after striker Reggie Casewell visited Royal Stoke University Hospital in early December with a rash and temperature.

This meant the Kingsfield First School student was forced to sit on the sidelines when his Knypersley Knights team entered the pitch.

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But manager Ben Carr even handed the reins of management to the youngster to keep him involved – and he won his first game 4-2.

It’s been a worrying few weeks for Biddulph’s mom Emma Casewell – and the heart murmur persists.

Reggie Casewell with his Knypersley Knights team

The 36-year-old said: “He had a pretty serious infection and was taken to the Royal Stoke in early December. They discovered he was having a heart murmur.

“He was in real pain, he had a rash and a high temperature. He had not been taken care of for his heart murmur, they detected him when he was in the hospital. They did the blood test. and the usual water sample and that’s when they listened to his chest that they detected the heart murmur.

“He’s not on treatment but he’s being watched. The whisper is still there but he’s cleared to play sports now and will be watched.

“If Reggie hadn’t been in pain, we still wouldn’t have known about the heart murmur. It’s really hard to detect. We were really lucky they took it along with he. was sick.

“During the few weeks he was sick he had to be careful what he was doing. We hope life will return to normal and he can start playing football and swimming again.

“The few weeks that we couldn’t do anything, he was also quite limited in what he could do in school. He had to take things very firmly. It was quite frustrating for him.”

Knypersley Knights U7

Emma added: “When he found out he couldn’t play he was devastated. He loves playing football and being with his friends. It’s his little life.

“Now that he’s able to get back on the pitch, he’s in heaven. He’s really happy. When he couldn’t play Ben, his manager, took him and asked him to be the manager of the team.

“He came absolutely beaming, bless him. He had his little notepad, he was walking around and he loved it.

“The team won 4-2 and they were so impressed with Reggie’s selection that Ben joked that he didn’t think it would be necessary.”

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