Anti-vax parents REFUSE blood from vaccinated donors for their son’s heart surgery

Anti-vax parents REFUSE blood from vaccinated donors for their son’s urgent heart surgery. image: wikimedia

The parents of a two-year-old boy in need of urgent heart surgery have rejected blood donations from vaccinated donors.

The parents of a two-year-old boy with heart disease requiring urgent and delicate heart surgery at Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna have rejected blood transfusions from donors vaccinated against Covid-19.

Parents contacted anti-vaccination movements to find “volunteers” willing to donate blood. Sant’Orsola Hospital, according to the transfusion center, opposes this because blood donations must follow very strict and precise legal protocols to guarantee safety.

The National Blood Center (CNS) recalled the importance of these protocols: “The blood of vaccinated people is absolutely safe. From the moment a person is vaccinated, 48 hours must pass before they can donate blood because it is necessary to be sure that they have no reactions to the vaccination and that they are in good health. said CNS director Vincenzo De Angelis. .

“In the blood, there is no vaccine. In any case, when prophylaxis is done, the antibodies that will develop after vaccination will be there, but the vaccine is certainly not transfused with blood.

“Let us remember that today almost 90% of the Italian population is vaccinated. We do blood transfusions and certainly we haven’t had any adverse reactions.

There is false information that has raised concerns that the blood clots or contains dangerous substances for a child.

The case is now in the hands of a judge in Modena. The magistrate listened to the parents, whose theory can be summed up in one sentence: “The blood of vaccinated people is dangerous.

Assisted by a lawyer, the parents provided information to the judge on the religious motivations and the alleged medical reasons related to the illness of the child.

The operation was postponed for several weeks due to the parents’ decision.

Sant’Orsola Hospital announced today: “The child’s situation is critical; it is not possible to continue postponing the intervention.

A judge’s decision is expected soon.

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