A couple plans a wedding, even after a cancer diagnosis

Catherine Hammond says hope has helped her throughout her life. So when her fiance, Brian Van Way, was diagnosed with cancer, she knew she had to tap into that same feeling.

Hope is what inspired her to write Hope (Less), the ultimate guide for those going through the ups and downs of real life.

Catherine and Brian joined us from their home in Colorado Springs to tell us more about their trip and why they decided to get married in the summer.

They say they find joy in planning their wedding despite knowing his cancer is incurable.

“When we recognize that we have hope, only then can we take positive action.
towards the things we want most,” Hammond said. “Hope is not a fleeting thing, it is an energetic force that is always with us to draw upon when we need it most,” she says.

Catherine believes that hope is a practice, and she’s included a personal hope toolkit in the book to help people do just that, even in the face of trauma.

For anyone feeling hopeless and struggling with life’s painful challenges, her new book reveals her secret on how to come out the other side with hope.

Catherine Hammond speaks at seminars and organizes hope workshops across the country. To visit book-desperate.com to learn more about his book. It is also available on Amazon.