5 tips for a strong relationship after a heart diagnosis

Health issues can challenge your romantic relationships. An expert and a couple who have experienced health issues share their tips for maintaining a strong relationship after a diagnosis.

Denise Knowles is a relationship and psychosexual therapist and spokesperson for Relate. Sarah and Gary Orchard have struggled with heart problems and cancer, and overcame them by overcoming challenges together.

1. Give yourself time

Denise says, “Once a day, set aside 10 minutes to check in with each other. Don’t watch your phone or TV and recognize that the relationship is important enough to have that time.

2. Understand what’s going on

Gary says, “If you are a caregiver read on and try to understand what this person is going through. The more you understand, the less of a shock it will be. “

There will always be something to be thankful for

Denise knowles

3. Be honest

Sarah says, “I would say ‘I feel like this’ even though I thought it might upset my husband.

4. Stay physically connected

Denise says, “Just holding hands or kissing will help keep a couple connected, especially if the sexual activity has slowed down.

5. Notice the good things

Denise says, “Remember to praise each other and each other, and remember what is good in your relationship. There will always be something to be thankful for. It’s a long way if you can notice things and say, “It’s great that you can support me like that. “

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