Pictured: Timothy Keller in a 2021 interview with Russell Moore (screenshot via Youtube) Late last week, author, pastor and theologian Timothy Keller shared a health update on the second anniversary of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Addressing the Twitter feed to his “friends,” Keller mentioned“This month I am celebrating the 2ndRead More →

13-year-old Tang Bak Zhuan’s new journey can now begin thanks to the generous Malaysians who made his heart surgery possible through the Star Foundation’s Medical Fund program. This time, the Star Foundation partnered with the nonprofit Community Care Enrichment Program (CCEP) to raise funds for Bak Zhuan’s surgery and theRead More →

the Congenital Heart Disease Market Expected to grow over the forecast period 2021-2028, the report is the answer to numerous concerns that restrict business growth at a steady rate and miss various lucrative opportunities. The report of Decisive market insights. provides a comprehensive analysis of the development of the respectiveRead More →

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has urged health sector actors to prioritize early diagnosis of heart disease by scaling up awareness, access to information, diagnostic services and early treatment. The First Lady said success in the fight against cardiovascular disease requires more research, data collection and public knowledge needed to identifyRead More →

Advanced Cardiac Care Last spring, Chester County Hospital began offering bloodless heart surgery to help meet growing demand in the Greater Philadelphia area. Bloodless surgery does not require a blood transfusion or blood product, according to Patricia A. Ford, MD, director of the Center for Transfusion-Free Medicine at The HospitalRead More →