10 children benefit from open heart surgery at UCH


UNIVERSITY College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, in conjunction with Healing Little Hearts, a UK-based charity that offers free heart surgeries for babies and children, reported an open heart surgery session on Monday to repair various defects in the hearts of the 10 children.

UCH Cardiovascular Team Leader Prof Samuel Omokhodion said children ranging in age from 5 months to 12 years were selected from the group of patients who are regularly followed in hospital who require treatment. definitive solution to their heart defects.

He said the open heart surgeries that will run through Friday would have two children a day and target needy patients, who can least afford the surgery which now costs more than 3 million Naira.

According to him, congenital heart defects in children included a hole in the wall between the upper chambers of the heart, a hole in the wall between the lower chambers of the heart, and the narrowing of the large blood vessel that runs from the heart. Others include a condition where the two main arteries carrying blood out of the heart are switched into position.

He said: “We are providing a definitive surgical solution to their problems, rather than fixing them. So it’s in collaboration with Healing Little Hearts, an organization headed by Dr Sanjiv Nichni. However, this is facilitated by Dr Olumide Oyefeso, pediatrician and founder of 4Breath4Life and labeled Heart4Nigeria.

Omokhodion, a pediatric cardiologist, said the surgery will also develop and strengthen the ability of doctors to perform repair of heart defects in children and adults with the aim of subsequently ensuring that open heart surgeries become a regular part. of the services available. to the hospital.


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