Out of Town Executive? How to Travel in Style in Washington, D.C.

Are you planning for a ride and vacation in Washington, D.C.? Do you have enough budget that you can pay for the expenses going there? Are you brave enough to face the events and situations that you might likely face when you are in a different place? In travelling to another place, you will meet a lot of people and places. You will see views and peaceful scenery that will melt your heart and clear your mind. You will find many opportunities and services in Washington, D.C. when you are planning to travel in that place.


There are few suggestions of traveling in style that you can avail in Washington, DC. Here are a list below.

Limo Service

Getting a limo service or renting one is one way to feel more like an executive. Riding a limo makes you feel more important and you will be treated as a special person. Washington, DC is the city of limousines. Limousines are useful for special occasion, events and even parties. Thus, riding one is a trend in traveling with style in DC.

Fashion Trend

Traveling as an executive, you will also look and wear the best clothes. From airport fashion to the night party or event, make sure you will always look good. Don’t forget to be confident of what you wear, that will describes who you are portraying too. Yes, you will find clothes to be expensive from prominent clothing line, thus it makes you feel more like an executive. You will get respect from the other people and they will see you as an inspiration.

Dine In To One of the Expensive Restaurants

There are a lot of best and expensive restaurants in DC. Here are our recommendations:

  • Inn at Little Washington – This is considered as one of the expensive restaurants in Washington, DC. A meal costs $145 per person. Inn at Little Washington is located in 309 Middle St. (Main St.), Washington, VA. No wonder they are expensive because they’ve got the best service. It is better to call the restaurant for reservation so that everything will be perfect.  One of the features that you will be amazed is finding your name in a customized and personalized menu. This is the place for romantic dinner for couples.

Inn at Little Washington


  • 1789 Restaurant – This restaurant is located in 1226 36th St. NW, Washington, DC. 1789 Restaurant maybe considered as not cheap place, but it is worth to visit during special occasions. The place is very cozy and has a comfortable ambiance. The staffs are very friendly and respectful. They have good service and of course. delicious food.

1789 restaurant

  • Occidental Grill and Seafood Restaurant – They serve one of the best American dishes and seafood. Occidental Restaurant is located in 1475 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC. What’s best to this restaurant is that while eating you will see the scenic view of White House. They have really good and delicious food that’s why everybody recommends it.

Occidental Grill and Seafood Restaurant

So, these are some of the ways in getting to your dream of becoming an executive who travel in style.